Measuring tech ROI on the farm

Precision farming practices have been around for a long time. Yield monitors, grid soil sampling and variable-rate application of fertilizer were a few of the first types of precision agriculture products to be adopted beginning in the 1990s. But where are we now, and how are these technologies paying off? That may be one of the…

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Wearing your next computer?

Ever since Apple legitimized the smart phone with the first iPhone, everyone has been looking for the “next big thing” and it appears you may end up wearing it. This week Google rolled out new Android software called Android Wear specifically designed for “wearable” computing devices. It’s just an early announcement, but shows where tech could be…

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Trimble UX5 Studio_web

New UAS from Trimble for aerial scouting

Trimble announced in late January that it is adding a new Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to its line of products for agriculture. The Trimble UX5 will be available for growers to use for aerial imaging and mapping in order to monitor crop health throughout the growing season. The system can be used for detecting pests,…

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base de datos

Meet the Minnesota company pulling petabytes of data from the field

SUMMARY: A Mankato, Minn.-based company called Farm Intelligence is helping farmers get a sense of what’s happening in their fields so they can act fast to maximize yields. It’s already managing a million acres and nearly a petabyte of data, but it expects to amass much more. If you know what to look for, those endless…

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