Big, Messy Data & The Internet Of Things

The concept of the Internet of Things isn’t nearly as futuristic as some might have you believe, in fact its dead simple. Take an object, stick on some sensors and Wi-Fi capability, and there you have it – a device. These devices are rapidly taking root, and as their number grows exponentially, so does the amount…

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GE center Ontario_1

GE’s industrial internet focus means it’s a big data company now

SUMMARY: As it tries to make inroads into the internet of things GE has decided it will become a big data company, building Hadoop-based software to help its customers automate their industrial assets. GE wants to be a big data company. In a presentation in San Francisco Tuesday, the industrial giant announced a platform of products,…

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Fondo de EE.UU. compró campos a Montes del Plata por unos US$ 140

El administrador de fondos de inversión estadounidense GMO adquirió a Montes del Plata 141 padrones rurales con una superficie de 45.000 hectáreas, por los que pagó una cifra cercana a US$ 140 millones.     Fabián Tiscornia   Los campos están ubicados en Tacuarembó y Rivera y la mayor parte están forestados, dijo a El…

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Diseño y Desarrollo por Muu Vainilla
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