Uruguay Farms Raise Record Funds After Land Prices Jump 11-Fold

<<Campos Sustentables plans to buy 10,000 hectares for about $4,000 per hectare during the next 18 months as it bets prices have hit a plateau, Leonardo Cristalli, chief executive officer of the Campos Sustentables trust administrator Okara Ltd., said at an investor presentation Sept. 11.

For pension funds, the largest institutional investors in Uruguay, so-called value-added projects that go beyond traditional farming methods are the most interesting, according to Juan Montero, who manages 54 billion pesos ($1.9 billion) at pension fund AFAP Sura in Montevideo. While potential swings in crop prices present a risk for investors, the underlying farmland will probably retain its value, he said.

“No one thinks land will be worth half what it is today,” Montero said in an interview.>>

Nota completa en http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-21/uruguay-farms-raise-record-funds-after-land-prices-jump-11-fold


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Posted on septiembre 21, 2015 in Noticias

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